Writing a winning resume requires a strategy. It goes beyond the details you include on the resume. You have to place these details strategically into different sections. Minor aspects of the resume separate the people who get their dream jobs and those who have to keep searching forever.

Experts have studied the resumes of the most competitive job applicants. They have also set in panels to review resumes and qualify candidates for different positions. From a point of experience and expertise, here are tips to help you write a winning resume.

  1. Keep it simple but powerful

An opportunity to write a resume should not be used to brag and go overboard. Whether it is your qualification or achievements, do not intimidate the panel. Choose a simple format that makes your human yet a competitive candidate.

Cut the jargon on training and certification. Do not over-format the resume leaving it difficult to read. Simple writing gives you a better resume than complicating your CV. Highlight the important details to still capture the attention of the vetting panel.

  1. Choose what to write

A professional will have achieved so much by the time he is applying for a job. One of the best resume basics is to only include the important information. Too much information will tire the reviewing panel, denying you the opportunity to get the job.

Only include information that is relevant to the job you are applying for. The information will be determined by the details captured in the advert. The resume should be an answer to the requests for skills and competencies made by an employer in an advert.

  1. List the relevant jobs

You may have taken up several jobs but only a few are relevant to the position you are applying for. Choose the jobs that demonstrate your skill and competence. Check the resume writing prompts to see the buildup of experience up to a point where you are fit for a job. For instance, you may have held several jobs as an intern. Only include those directly related to the current application.

  1. Highlight winning points

What aspects of your training and skills do you want the vetting panel to see? These are the points you should highlight in your CV. If everyone has a Bachelor’s Degree, your winning point could be certification. An award you won last year or the figures you posted in your last job will help you to top the cohort of candidates. Make it prominent to increase your chances of earning the position.

  1. Reverse the chronology

Start with the latest job or qualification. It is easier for the reader to relate to such information instead of waiting till the end. The latest job positions, awards, and education are better indicators of your character. Remember that the employer is looking for your capability now instead of several years ago.

  1. A page is enough

Keep the resume short. If you understand how to build a strong resume you will notice that the HR team spends seconds on a CV. They are looking for crucial information by skimming through thousands of applications. If it is too long, they will just skip it.

  1. Provide an online supplement

Compliment your CV by including a link to your online profile. The online supplement will help you to tell the story better. You can include images of you receiving awards, media coverage, and samples of the work you have done.

An online supplement may also include links to your social media pages and blogs. Only link to accounts or portals with valuable official information that indicates your competence. It gives the vetting panel a chance to know you better before inviting you for an interview.

  1. Be unique

Everyone can earn a degree and work for some of the best corporations in the world. What makes you an outstanding candidate? Is it your certification or the awards you have received? Do you have an initiative that shows your selflessness? Capture these elements in your resume. This is a resume strategy that will help you to stand out among all other applicants.

  1. Make the resume skimmable

Make it possible to extra information within a minute. HR is not looking for everything you have done in life. The vetting panel will know more about you during the interview. Make basic information prominent so that they can skim and pick it out in minutes. That alone will earn you an interview opportunity.

  1. Hire a professional writer

A professional writer will help you to produce a more captivating CV. Professionals use their experience to create a customized resume that will help you to win the job. It is the perfect strategy to beat all competition.

A good resume is simple yet highlights your strongest points. Only include relevant information while using every entry to make your application unique. Hire a professional writer to help you produce the most captivating resume. These are the resume strategies that will guarantee your dream job.